Life Enrichment

Two of the most common challenges facing seniors today are a reduced level of physical activity and diminished social interaction. Factors such as reduced mobility, hearing loss, a general lack of energy, mature families with busy lives, and shrinking social circles all contribute to these challenges.

At Lane’s we are well-aware of the resulting impacts on seniors’ general well being. Conversely, we see first hand everyday, the significant physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved by reducing these impacts. We call the process “Life Enrichment” and it involves getting and keeping our residents active and engaged in activities with others, in ways that work best for them.

Everyday at Lane’s, residents and their families can see first-hand the benefits that Life Enrichment provides. Our programs vary from week to week, and season to season, but they always provides ample opportunities for our residents to take part and enjoy the many benefits such as:

Keeping ourselves moving is essential to healthy aging. It can help seniors manage chronic medical conditions, maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles, and enhance independence.
Meeting new people and making friends can provide a sense of belonging, reduce stress and anxiety and lower the risk of depression. This sense of belonging can also contribute to self-esteem.
Keeping our minds active can improve memory and reasoning ability and can provide an overall sense of achievement. Regular participation in enrichment activities can help preserve and sometimes improve brain health.

Examples of our life enrichment programming include:

  • Social Circle
  • Exercise Classes / Yoga
  • Art Therapy
  • Dog Therapy
  • Rhythm & Music Therapy
  • Engagement and social activities with children
  • Swimming
  • Wine & Cheese Socials
  • Bingo
  • Weekly/Daily Prayers